Ever wanted to date me?

This is why you should (have). Behold. My Bachelor Canada video submission. Let the hilarity ensue.

The end. (I am now off the market, sorry boys!)

Also, big thanks to my friend Aaron for filming and editing this whole video. And additional thanks to Julia, Danielle, and Manu for giving me your “testimonials” (unscripted, I swear). AND a HUGE thanks to all the dick douchebags that contributed to my fabulous dating history and gave me tons of reasons to bitch and to audition for this show in the first place! Ha!

Lazy Easter.

Working, partying, puking, YouTubing, musical-ing, brunching, sleeping.

Now enjoy some appropriate lazy post-Easter food coma music:

I’m fresher than a motherf*cker.

Saw this on my Twitter feed yesterday. White girl Nicki Minaj. LOVE. She absolutely KILLS it. Way better than the original. It’s a cover of  Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne’s Look at Me Now” by Karmin. Watch now.

128.4 lbs