First stop: Taipei.

So I’m about half an hour away from boarding and I am super stoked. I remember when I graduated from SFU, that the first thing I wanted to do was travel somewhere on my own. Although I am going with my friends, this is still a semi-huge milestone for me. I am somewhat traveling on my own going to Taipei (with two grueling stopovers and finding out that Delta Airlines does not include gate numbers on their boarding passes — I’ll need to find these myself with an hour stopover, yay) and definitely for the first five to six hours in Japan. This is going to be an adventure. This is something (and somewhere) I’ve always wanted to travel to. I just hope everything goes as planned.

Anyways, time to board!

2 Comments on “First stop: Taipei.”

  1. tliew says:

    Delta Airlines is an interesting choice, haha. Please do the ‘Lost in Translation’ thing and find Bill Murray in a hotel lounge or something.

    • Hahaha I was originally booked on JAL, whom I’ve flown with before, but i had go rebook my fought last minute two days before and this was the cheapest! Pretty impressed with Delta so far except for the no gate number thing but food and service were both pretty awesome. We’ll see how my last and final flight will go!

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